Dust Free Customer Testimonials in California

Victoria B.
May 31, 2017

My name is Victoria B. and I just completed transforming my home with the help of Cen-Cal Tile! I needed to update my floors but the thought of tearing out all the old ceramic tile gave me nightmares what with all the dust that comes with tearing a floor out! So happy I called Phil to ask him how much of a mess will I have to deal with? He told me that his company has a dust-free tile removal system that literally sucks all the tile dust into a vacuum. I did not know what to think since I had done my homework and no one told me there was such a thing. I googled dust-free tile removal and could not believe it, there was such a thing! My project began and my old out dated floors were removed, then the kitchen counters followed by the fireplace tiles; once they got started and I realized there was no dust we added the fireplace to the project! I was told the work would take 14 days and it was done in 14 days! I am a completely satisfied client and will have the boys back next year to remove my bathroom counters, can't wait!!!!
Lori L.
February 10, 2017

Hi Chris!
Awesome job and very impressed!!!!! Love your adorable "dust free tile excavation experts." So CUTE!!
Our flooring contractor never heard of dust free, so I educated him on your company. If you have time, you might want to send me some business cards so I can give to our contractor and other folks and take to work to give to clients.
So happy!
The check is coming back to you with the remittance slip.
Thank you, again!!
PS: I will do a Yelp review soon
Tory S.

Also, I am really happy with your tile removal process. (I only wish that homebuilders would put that much care into building the homes in the first place!)

Claudia J.
February 13, 2017

Hi Chris
Jun, my tile guy, just saw the floor / concrete. First comment......So clean.........
Thanks again Chris